A town that has undertaken a journey from being a military camp and fortified city to a ruling and economic centre.

Poreč is located in an extremely convenient geographical location. It is rich with natural beauties and cultural sights and is therefore one of the most popular tourist spotlights of Croatia.

It is a town whose ancestors go way back into the history and is considered to have been inhabited as early as the Neolithic period. Poreč is located on a 400 m long and 200 m wide peninsula where today the old town centre lies. Being a naturally ‘protected’ location, enabled the town to become an important harbour centre. During the Ancient Greece period, there was mention of a small fishing settlement with a port and archeological findings testify about human settlements in the area during the last 4 centuries.

Historical and cultural heritage

Due to a very turbulent history that has left its indelible and valuable traces, Poreč has become a town of incredibly rich historical and cultural heritage going a long way back into the history.

Many different styles and thousands of years of various cultural influences have all contributed to the formation of Poreč as we know it today. We may feel free to say that the entire old town centre is one cultural monument. Different historical periods have left their mark through various artistic styles that you will encounter on the facades of the town palaces.

In most of literature Poreč is referred to as the ‘mosaic town’ because of the Euphrasian Basilica embedded culture. The Euphrasian Basilica is a cathedral whose diocese contains a holy art museum as well as many archeological findings related to the earlier churches on the site.

Poreč and its surrounding are an ideal place for a stroll along many pathways following the coastline under the pine shade. Whether you are walking, riding a bike or riding on a tourist sightseeing train, you will undoubtedly experience beautiful moments passing through the old town centre, the streets, the squares, the parks and the beaches.

Poreč lagoons

It is often said that each Istrian coast cove hides at least one beach and this is true. However, the lagoons of Poreč each hide several beaches and each and every one of them being beautiful and unique. It is only in the lagoons of Poreč that you can sunbathe on green lawns and swim in the Adriatic Sea.

You can walk the lagoons paths protected by the pine shade during the day or enjoy the fresh sea breeze on a romantic stroll along the lighted pathways at night.

During the hot summer months you can easily find refreshment in one of the many bars and cafes.

You can also take a break on one of the numerous sea side benches or even try your luck at sports in one of the sport fields located alongside the walk.

Moreover, you can enjoy the panoramic view from the top of the bell tower on the hill. There are many resting spots on the way up and the entire route is lighted.

The combination of beautiful and healthy is superb; You can breathe the fresh Mediterranean air to your heart’s desire and get some recreational activity surrounded by luxurious beauty.

Green Lagoon Golf

At the Green Lagoon entrance, in the beautiful Molindrio cove, a gulf turf found its place.

It’s an exquisite pleasure for any golf lover. A beautiful view spreads from the field that everyone will enjoy while practising their golf moves.

The entire golf turf route follows a winding stream. Marks of up to 250 m of distance have been set down for practising long reach games.

A little further away, there is a 120m2 pitching green and a 300m2 putting green with 18 wholes that are perfect for short reach game practice.

Often putting tournaments are organised and the course also offers equipment rental in case you didn’t bring your own or you just want to try your luck at the game.

There is also a golf school where you can get your golf permit as well.

If you are already an experienced golf player or want to become one, this is your perfect spot while on vacation.

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