Dvor is located in the West part of central Istria, at the border of village Žužići, not far from Višnjan, on the old road that used to connect Trieste and Pula. About 15 minute drive from the sea or rather the town of Poreč and 5 minute drive from the highway exit.

Near Villa Dvor


A 2000 year old town

The historical centre of Poreč is over 2000 years old. Poreč is located on a 400 m long and 200 m wide peninsula. The ancient surveyors have divided the town into so called ‘insulas’, house plots, public institutions and temples.


The town “near by"

The name comes from the Latin word Vicinianus which stands for ‘near by’ because in the past Višnjan was the closest property of Poreč. There is mention of Višnjan in an old document in which borders of the property of St. Mauro were defined in the year 1003.


The town of the film festival

At the base of Motovun, Jason and the Argonauts have sailed down the river Mirna and the first inhabitants of Motovun, that left any traces, inhabited the area between the year 3500 and 2200 BC


The town with the biggest and the best preserved ancient Roman amphitheatre

Pula begins its story approximately 3000 years ago when, on the hill where today ‘Kaštel’ (Castle) is located, the first settlement Histra came to being.

How to reach us?

There are various ways in which you can reach Villa Dvor and we will mention a few.

If you are travelling to Villa Dvor by car, after entering Croatia through Plovanije or Kaštel border, you will have about 40 km drive to the Villa left.

The best and most simple route to take is the so called "Istarski ipsilon" or rather the E751 highway in Pula direction. After entering Croatia through Plovanije, drive for approximately 3 km on the D75 regional road, take a left turn towards the Rijeka/Pula exit and join the highway E751. There are pay tolls on some parts of the highway.

After 26 km, keep on the right lane and take the Exit 4 Višnjan in the Višnjan/Motovun/Poreč sjever (north) direction (5042) and after approximately 800 m take a left turn and into ‘Višnjanska ulica’ (Visnjan street) (direction 5042).

You will arrive to Poreč by bus and there you will take a connecting bus line to Višnjan. Once in Višnjan, you still have a 5-10 minute drive to the Villa and for that the most simple way is to use a taxi.

You decided to travel by plane? The closest airports in Croatia are Pula, Rijeka/Krk and Zagreb/Pleso airport.

If you land on Pula airport, catch a ride to the main bus station in the centre of Pula or take a rental car, and then continue the trip using regular bus lines towards Poreč. The approximately 58 km drive will take about 55-60 minutes and for the most part it’s an open road drive through central Istria.

If you land at Rijeka/Krk airport, there are daily buses going from the airport to the ‘Žabica’ bus station in Rijeka and they leave from the airport approximately 30 minutes after each plane landing. The distance of about 27 km is covered in roughly 35-40 minutes. Upon arriving at the bus station, look for a first following connection to Poreč or hire a rental car. The buses from Rijeka to Poreč depart 4-5 times a day and a 102 km ride takes about an hour and a half. It’s an open road drive through central Istria.

If you land at Zagreb/Pleso airport, the bus to Rijeka leaves every day at 3,30 pm.The 170 km drive takes approximately two hours and the entire ride is on open roads and highway. Upon reaching Rijeka look for the first following bus connection to Poreč. Otherwise, the alternative would be to hire a rental car and reach the destination autonomously.

If you miss the direct transfer from Pleso airport to Rijeka, the alternative solution would be to catch a ride from the airport to Zagreb main bus station and continue towards Poreč from there using the regular daily bus lines. Buses from Zagreb Pleso airport towards the main bus station leave every 30 minutes from 7 am to 8 pm on a daily basis.